Sean Hayes and Hubby Goofing Around

This is cute, married couple Sean Hayes (Will and Grace) and Scott Icenogle, like to post videos of themselves lip synching travois songs.  They also made an old tyme video heralding the news of marriage equality that occurred on Sean’s birthday, which is available on Sean Hayes’ Facebook page.

Lip sync of Flo Rida’s “I Don’t Like It”

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Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp – Trailer

Here’s the trailer for the Netflix prequel to the movie Wet Hot American Summer.  The film and the show both feature Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, Michael Ian Smith, Paul Rudd and more.  (The trailer looks degraded on purpose)intercombaseвидеокамера картинкистоимость продвижения интернет магазина1 bedroom apartments for rent in miamiсписок документов для загран паспортаOphCrackцерковь

Stonewall Inn: Finally An Official Landmark

After an unexpected vote by New York City’s Landmark Preservation Commission, the site that started the modern gay rights movement has finally been designated a landmark.

Source: Stonewall Inn: Finally, Officially, a Landmark | Observer

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7 Days In Hell – Trailer

This funny HBO show looks to be cute in more ways than one, starring Andy Samberg and Kit Harrington in the main roles with cameos by several famous faces in tennis and television.  Premieres on July 11 2015 on HBO and can be streamed as of July 8th 2015.translationрецепты соусов для блендераhouses for sale in fort lauderdaleразместить объявление о работе бесплатноStockpairвзломпроверка доменов

E3 2015’s Highs, Lows, and Biggest Games

Star Wars Battlefront to Microsoft Halolens.  Gamespot looks back at Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft to point what made this year’s E3 awesome, and what could’ve made it even better.

Source: E3 2015’s Highs, Lows, and Biggest Games | GameSpot

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Smallest Nation On Earth Legalized Same-Sex Marriage

While the backward country of America struggles, Pitcairn legalizes same sex marriage without the drama.  It’s believed that none of the Pitcairn Islands’ 48 inhabitants are gay couples wanting to marry. Makes for a great destination wedding!

Source: The Smallest Nation On Earth Legalized Same-Sex Marriage | Out Magazine

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‘Undateable’ Renewed For Season 3  

After a successful live broadcast last week that saw Ed Sheeran kiss Brent Morin in a deep lip lock, NBC has wisely renewed “Undateable” for an all live 3rd season.

Source: ‘Undateable’ Renewed For Season 3 Of All-Live Episodes? | Deadline

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“Vacation” Features Thor’s Hammer – Trailer

The red band (restricted) trailer for the “Vacation” franchise’s latest outing features a grown up Rusty taking his family back to Wally World.  The film features an appearance by Chris Hemsworth in his underpants sporting a huge bulge.

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The Straight Guy Who Asked Out His Gay Friend to Prom

The folks at the Ellen show videotaped their prom date or “adventure” as at the straight one puts it, which is sweet.  Spoiler alert: No getting drunk and throwing up Cheesies like at my prom.новости харькововкойукраинынаукладка фанерыпродвижение продуктов в интернетеusb hubместоположениеавито услуги москва

Cube 3D Printer is at Best Buy

You can order 3D printers online, sure, but now you can pick up a 3D printer and accessories at an old fashioned brick and mortar Best Buy store.  It is now available at a limited number of stores in the US for now, but hopefully will pop up everywhere before long.

Source: 3D Systems Brings Cube 3D Printer to Best Buy|

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The Brooklyn Diva

Eric Stonestreet tweeted out this great piece of video.  It’s mainly about the use of pejoratives by non-thinking people, but it features a profile of a real charmer named Paul that you should check out.
Source: This Gay Guy With Down Syndrome Is Fabulous | Next Magazine

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