Movie Review: The Theory of Everything

This review may contain spoilers.  Eddie Redmayne stars as Dr. Stephen Hawking in this biopic about the acclaimed physicist who continues to

live beyond his 2 year ALS  prognosis.  The movie focuses on the love story between Hawking and his wife Jane.  As his health worsens, they marry and have three children and, over time, the relationship takes its toll.   The movie would be boring if it were about someone else less fascinating that Stephen Hawking.   Eddie Redmayne gives him the charm and humour that we’ve come to know from Hawking, and is the true heart of the film in an otherwise tragic story.  I don’t believe any of the other actors really stood out to any remarkable degree, including Felicity Jones – with the possible exception of Charlie Cox who was hella cute and it was hard to take your eyes off him.

Not much is known by people today about Hawking’s life before his time in the chair, and this is an important document of those early years when he began to show signs of promise.


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