Movie Review: The Interview

This movie review may contain spoilers.   James Franco and Seth Rogen star in another film together.  This one’s a bit different from those that

preceded it as there is only one drug reference 22 minutes in and that’s about it.    I can’t remember a film where James Franco wasn’t stoned or acting like a stoner through the whole thing and actually playing a character unlike himself.   Rogen, on the other hand, pretty much plays his bumbling self.   The movie starts out as sharp, clever satire and becomes more of the dumb comedy adventure you would expect near the end, however the ending is not entirely unsatisfying.   This is one of their better collaborations together with writer director Evan Goldberg.

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 12.35.50 PM

The film also stars Lizzy Caplan, Raymond Park, and Timothy Simon.  Joseph Gordon-Leavitt has a brief cameo role playing with puppies, and a cameo is also provided by Rob Lowe.



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