Movie Review: Interstellar

Note: Movie reviews may contain spoilers.  I first came to know of Christopher Nolan when I saw the film “Memento”, which remains on my all time favourite top 10 list of films since that time.  Nolan has consistently made great films and grown into the type of director capable of creating modern day

epics the like of which would dwarf Spielberg in his hey day.   Interstellar is the latest  film from Christopher film and it is, quite obviously, a stunner to look at and there is use of sound that will rattle your theatre chair at times.   The focus is less on going into sleep hibernation and preparing for take off like you would see in other space adventure films of the past, and more on the science of interstellar exploration.

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Matthew McConaughey stars as an astronaut living at a time in the not too distant future where Earth is dying and crops are unable to grow.  He leaves his family behind and goes on a space voyage into a black hole to find a new home for the denizens of Earth – or are they leaving them behind to die and colonize a new planet?   These are the questions that arise throughout the film, which shows the effects of “time slippage” or that thing where the astronaut doesn’t age but everyone on Earth does.

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The film moves along swiftly with some very intense moments near the end.   The film kind of comes to a halt when the lead character is stuck in a metaphysical fifth dimension space and that kind of stuff seldom works well in a film.   Much of the film is daughter Jessica Chastain longing for father McConaughey to come home from his trip, and when he does she basically tells me to get lost.  He also doesn’t ask her any other questions about what had being gone on and about other family members.  Kinda dumb.    The film is largely good, entertaining however.   There are many familiar supporting actors who show up in the film who were a surprise to see – Matt Damon chiefly among them.   He is shown at one point shirtless, covered in foil and that’s about the only male nudity you get to see in this one.    The film also stars Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathway and Nolan regular Michael Caine.

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