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“Undateable” Music Video

New cast member Bridget Mendler performs in this catchy music video featuring the cast of  NBC’s very funny comedy “Undateable”, coming back next week for season 2.  Plus, you finally get to see Brent Morin shirtless which is awesome.юрийзаказать рекламу в интернетеsingaporean escortпаркет паркетная доска ламинатпродвижения сайта по трафикуvzlom-paroljaтест интернет

The Wrong Guy

This week for Christmas, we’ll be featuring a daily full length motion picture we like that you can watch from its post.

A funny spoof of Hitchcockian movies stars Dave Foley as an innocent man on the run, afraid he’ll be framed for the murder of his boss – the only catch is that no one is pursuing him and he’s too stupid to realize it.чехлы для ipad mini retinaинтернет реклама украинаseo оптимизация ценалучший водостойкий карандаш для глазкупить тонкий ноутбукантиколлектор программа на телефон скачать бесплатноno1options bonus

Mambo Italiano

This week for Christmas, we’ll be featuring a daily full length motion picture we like that you can watch from its post.

Luke Kirby, in a series of wonderful shirts, stars as the son of Italian immigrants to Canada.  He struggles to find the best way to reveal to his parents that he’s gay and dating a cop.  Here is the full feature film, a gay romantic forukцены на фанеруgoogle статистика запросовреклама adwordsOphCrackforex peyment

Do They Know It’s Christmas? – The 2014 Version

Here’s an updated recording of the 1984 Christmas charity classic to fight world hunger.  This version is to also help fund the fight against ebola.

Donate here  World Food Program |  Doctors without Borders  Binary Optionsbinary options 24goo adwordsпродвижение сайтов заказатьtrusted binary optionsвзлом спрашивай руобъективные новости

Suddenly, Nick Jonas is interesting

Here is Nick Jonas happily playing “Guess The Bulge” in the video above.   He can currently be seen starring as a gay MMA fighter on “Kingdom”

Click the link below to view recent images of Nick Jonas

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American Tribute to Fallen Canadians at a Hockey Game

Two American hockey teams played each other, but thought to play the Canadian national anthem “O Canada” in a touching show of support on this day of mourning following the second incident in a week of terrorist attacks.   It is appreciated.translate tobinaryкисти вобс купить киевnorth miami beach homes for saleкакие док ты нужны для загранпаспортасмотрисайт новосибирска