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Nutscaping with Bradley Cooper and Friends

Have you heard of nutscaping? This meme of sorts has garnered a bit of attention on the internet and Graham Norton decided to explain the phenomenon to his unsuspecting guests Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller, both of whom had had never heard of it before.

Source: Graham Norton Explains ‘Nutscaping’ to Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller | Towleroad

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This Feeling Inside

Last year, we wrote a comic book about two guys who hook up one night and get stuck together while fisting.  It was a freak accident that caused them to have to go through life stuck together.  Kind of like  “The Defiant Ones” but with butt stuff … enjoy this funny romp now online for free in its entirety.   Please tweet us with your comments.

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In Memoriam 2015

Here’s who’s shot and who’s not for the calendar year 2015.

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
Kinya Aikawa, actor (Speed Racer)
Patrick H. Adkins, author
Lynn Anderson, singer
Tariz Aziz, Iraqi Foreign Minister
Jim Bailey, drag impersonator
Ernie Banks, baseball player
George Barris, 1960s Batmobile designer
Harve Bennet, producer (Star Trek)
Yogi Berra, baseball player and manager (New York Yankees and Mets)
Jim Berry, cartoonist (Berry’s World)
James Best, actor (Dukes of Hazzard)
Leon Bibb, folk singer
Beau Biden, Delaware Attorney General
Theodore Bikel, actor  (Fiddler on the Roof)
Michael Blake, screenwriter (Dances With Wolves)
Julian Bond, civil rights activist
Sarah Brady, gun control activist and wife of James Brady
Fredric Brandt, celebrity dermatologist
Edward Brooke, first elected black US Senator
Martin E. Brooks, actor (Six Million Dollar Man)
Bobbie Kristina Brown
Errol Brown, singer (Hot Chocolate)
Vincent Bugliosi, attorney and author (Helter Skelter)
Bob Burns, drummer (Lynyrd Skynyrd)

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2015 Coming Out List

Updated. Here’s a list of who came out as LGBT in 2015, either quietly by getting married or making a post etc, or by more visibly by making a press tour out of it.

Faustina Agolley, TV host  (The Voice Australia)
Guy Benson, tv news reporter (Fox News)
Odin Biron, actor (Interns)
Matt Cage, pro wrestler
Lily Rose Depp
Nyle  DiMarco, model
Reid Ewing, actor (Modern Family)
Joey Graceffa, YouTube personality
Joel Grey, actor (Cabaret)
Keegan Hirst, UK rugby player
Holland Taylor, actress (Two and A Half Men)
Caitlyn Jenner, Olympian
Gus Kenworthy, Olympian silver medalist
Matt Hatzke, MLS soccer player
Yusuf Mack, boxer
Barry Manilow, singer songwriter
Sarah Paulson, actress (American Horror Story Freakshow)
Vincent Price, actor (confirmed)
Billy Reilich, model
Adam Rippon, figure skater
Jussie Smollett, actor (Empire)
Sam Stanley, UK rugby player

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The Celluloid Closet

One of my favourite films, this celebrates the troubled history of gay life in cinema from its start to the end of the 20th Century, as gay characters were only starting to emerge as a visible and positive force in society. Narrated by Lily Tomlin. The music moves me every time I see it.  With several celebrity cameos and insight into film history for any student of the medium.  Here’s the full movie.видеокамера с микрофономhowbank deпаркетная доска масло или лакOptionsздесьпродвижение нового сайта

“Spring Awakening” – A first look

A new Broadway musical featuring sign language.  As the son of deaf parents, I was curious to see what this would look like and it no doubt appeals to hearing and deaf audiences alike. Check it out.translation fromпоисковая оптимизация вебbinary option no deposit requiredрейтинг летних шин 2016 для внедорожниковотчет о поездке в Буковельвзломправославная церковь возрождения

Far Cry  – Primal

The internet has once again done what it does best, as Ubisoft’s upcoming title, Far Cry Primal, was preemptively leaked on IGN Turkey yesterday. The next Far Cry game will be set in the savage world of Oros, and will take place during the brutal Stone Age

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New ‘Justice League” Animated Series

Cartoon Network will be debuting a new Justice League cartoon next year. Rumored to be titled Justice League Action, the network confirmed to The World’s Finest that the new series will indeed happen, though it is unlikely to debut before “next fall.”

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How Does BB-8 Work?

If you were lucky enough to find one of Sphero’s wonderful BB-8 toys on Force Friday and are curious how it works, the folks at uBreakiFix were kind enough to hack theirs open to explore its inner workings—so you don’t have to sacrifice yours.

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William Shatner to Pen Biography of Leonard Nimoy

In his eulogy for Mr. Spock, Captain James T. Kirk said, “Of my friend, I can only say this: Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most human.” It now appears that William Shatner will have a lot more to say about his friend, in a new biography titled Leonard: A Fifty Year Friendship that is scheduled for a 2016 release.

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Topless Baker

Check out Meerkat every Sunday morning – he streams a cooking show live at 7:30am on the West Coast and 10:30am on the East Coast of North America.











Follow “Toplessbaker”. He  is a British 24 year old making something tasty every weekend.летний отдых в грузииapartments for rent in hallandale beach flноутбук леново g50обьявление авитоНаушникиКакраскрутка сайта

Stonewall – Trailer

A new film about the start of the gay rights movement that began in a bar called Stonewall.  Decide for yourself if the controversy surrounding the film is truly warranted or is truly important and informative.  Directed by Roland Emmerich.футболпродвижение автомобильного сайтагде можно бесплатно разместить рекламуцена рекламы на телевиденииконфискат авто в украинебесплатнопроверка сайта на вирусы