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Jiminy Glick and Larry David

For far too long there’s been a whole generation of young people out there who have no idea who Jiminy Glick is, a travesty that came to an end thanks to Maya Rudolph and Martin Short’s variety show, Maya and Marty, which premiered this past Tuesday on NBC.

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In Memoriam 2016

Here’s a list of some of the notable people who died in 2016 so far

Joe Alaskey, animation voice actor (Looney Toons)
Edward Albee, writer
Max Alexander, comedian (Trainwreck)
Muhammad Ali, boxer
Rene Angelil, manager
Alexis Arquette, actress (Pulp Fiction)
Hector Babenco, director (Kiss of the Spiderwpman)
Kenny Baker, R2D2
Andy Bathgate, hockey player
David Bowie, singer and actor
Dave Broadfoot, comedian (Royal Canadian Air Farce)
Fred Caruso, film writer director (Big Gay Musical)
Fidel Castro, dictator
Chyna, wrestler
Michael Cimino, film director (The Deer Hunter)
Dawn Coe-Jones, golfer
Leonard Cohen, singer songwriter (Hallelujah)
Bud Collins, sports broadcaster
Pat Conroy, novelist
Darwin Cooke, comic book artist (The Spirit)
Ronnie Corbett, comedian
Kevin Curran, writer (Married With Children, The Simpsons)
Bobby Curtola, singer
Rod Daniel, film director
Gloria DeHaven, actress (Summer Stock)
Nancy Dow, actress, mother to Jennifer Aniston
The Lady Chablis, actress
Larry Drake, actor (Darkman)
Alice Drummond, actress (Ghostbusters)
Patty Duke, actress
Umberto Eco, novelist
Bob Elliott, comedian, father of Chris Elliot (Bob and Ray)
Keith Emerson, musician (ELP)
Joey Feek, country singer
Fyvush Finkel, actor (Picket Fences)
Frank Finlay, actor (The Three Musketeers)
Rob Ford, mayor
Pete Fountain, musician
Glenn Frey, musician (The Eagles)
Joe Garagiola Sr, sportscaster and ball player
George Gaynes, actor (Punky Brewster)
David Gest, TV producer
Christina Gimmie, singer (The Voice)
Ron Glass, actor (Barney Miller, Firefly)
John Glenn, astronaut and senator
Tammy Grimes, actress (High Spirits)
Ann Morgan Guilbert, actress (Dick Van Dyke Show, The Nanny)
Merle Haggard, singer
Dan Haggerty, actor (Grizzly Adams)
Guy Hamilton, film director
Pat Harrington Jr., actor (One Day at a Time)
Eddie Harsch, musician (The Black Crowns)
Fred Hayman, fashion retailer
Florence Henderson, actress (The Brady Bunch)
Arthur Hiller, director (Love Story)
Gordie Howe, hockey player
David Huddleston, actor
Sharon Jones, singer
Paul Kantner,  musician
George Kennedy, actor
Mary Ann King, TV host (Romper Room)
WP Kinsella, writer
Greg Lake, Emerson Lake and Palmer
Julius LaRosa, singer
Harper Lee, novelist
Ron Lester, actor (Varsity Blues)
Richard Libertini, actor
David Marguiles, actor (Ghostbusters)
Garry Marshall, actor and director (Pretty Woman)
Leslie H Martinsen, director (Batman: The Movie)
John McMartin, actor
Michael McNamara, writer
David Mirra, BMX rider
Noel Neill, actress  (Superman)
Agnes Nixon, soap opera creator
James Noble, actor (Benson)
Bill Nunn, actor
Hugh O’Brian, actor (Legend of Wyatt Earp)
Arnold Palmer, golfer
Shimon Peres, Israeli President and PM
Jon Polito, character actor (Barton Fink)
Nancy Reagan, actress
Janet Reno, US Attorney General
Alan Rickman, actor (Galaxy Quest)
Doris Roberts, actress (Everybody Loves Raymond)
Leon Russell, musician
Morley Safer, journalist (60 Minutes)
Theresa Saldana, actress (Raging Bull)
Joe Santos, actor (Rockford Files)
William Schallert, character actor
Ettore Scola, director
Xander Scott, gay porn actor
Sir Peter Shaffer, playwright, screenwriter (Amadeus)
Garry Shandling, comedian (Larry Sanders Show)
Frank Sinatra Jr., singer
Douglas Slocombe, cinematographer
Will Smith, football player
Kay Starr, singer
Robert Stigwood, film producer (Grease)
Alan Thicke, actor singer composer (Growing Pains, Thicke of The Night)
Grant Tinker, TV Producer (MTM)
Vanity, singer
Peter Vaughan, (Game of Thrones)
Robert Vaughn, actor (Man from UNCLE)
Abe Vigoda, actor (Barney Miller, Fish)
Janet Waldo, voice actress (Judy Jetson, Penelope Pitstop, Josie of the Pussycats)
Fritz Weaver, actor (Fail Safe)
Papa Wemba, singer
Maurice White, musician (Earth Wind and Fire)
Margaret Whitton, actress (Major Leauge)
Gene Wilder, actor (Young Frankenstein)
Van Williams, actor (Green Hornet)
Janet Wright, actress (Corner Gas)
Anton Yelchin, actor (Star Trek)
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Star Wars: Episode VIII Set Spoilers and The Knights of Ren

Are we going to finally see the Knights of Ren in action in Star Wars: Episode VIII? Today’s Nerdist News is getting the scoop on all things Ren! Before we start, this is all kind of spoiler-y, so turn back and don’t come back until December 16, 2017 if you want to stay shiny and spoiler-free

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The Tony Award Nominees 2016

It’s the year of Hamilton. The nominees for the American Theatre Wing’s Tony Awards, presented by The Broadway League and the American Theatre Wing.  Announced by Nikki M James and Andrew Rannells.

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London Spy – a Gay Spy Conspiracy

London Spy, BBC America’s new miniseries, will draw you into its web of lies, too. London Spy is slow to start, truth be told. In the utter glut of very-good-TV out there, the standards have become so high that nitpicking almost feels inevitable.

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A Detailed Look At Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

This extensive video goes through the entire film and points out easter eggs; possible deleted scenes and how everything ties in to the Star Wars universe.  It’s long but very interesting if you are craving more Star Wars info til the next episode, currently filming in England.купить проорпредставительство в судеrent in hallandale beachbinary options companyсегодняакинатор скачать на андроид полная версияцерковь возрождение отзывы

Star Wars Episode VIII: Space Bear

Could the next instalment of the Star Wars saga feature more Ewoks or perhaps a glimpse of Wookiee life on Kashyyyk? The first hint of the storyline for Episode 8 was leaked by General Leia Organa herself, with the help of her  tongue-challenged dog Gary.  We’re fairly certain “Space Bear” is the working title during filming, currently taking place in the UK.adata s805хороший карандаш для глазwheels-marketкак дать рекламуюридические консультации онлайнскачать музыку из вконтакте KontaktMasterраскрутить сайт