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Movie Review: Pride

This review may contain spoilers.   This film is a true story of striking miners during the Thatcher era of 1984  who find unlikely support by the LGBT community in their small town in Wales.  It’s a

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Latter Days

This week for Christmas, we’ll be featuring a daily full length motion picture we like that you can watch from its post.

Aaron Davis (Steve Sandvoss), a young Mormon, arrives in Los Angeles with three fellow missionaries to evangelize. The group’s promiscuous gay neighbor, Christian (Wes Ramsey), makes a bet he can seduce and sleep with one of them, and his flirtatious ways help Aaron realize he is actually gay.   Joseph Gordon-Leavitt appears.отходыпозиции в поисковых системахthe local house miami beachnorth miami beach homes for saleвакансия юрист киевскачать

The Wrong Guy

This week for Christmas, we’ll be featuring a daily full length motion picture we like that you can watch from its post.

A funny spoof of Hitchcockian movies stars Dave Foley as an innocent man on the run, afraid he’ll be framed for the murder of his boss – the only catch is that no one is pursuing him and he’s too stupid to realize it.чехлы для ipad mini retinaинтернет реклама украинаseo оптимизация ценалучший водостойкий карандаш для глазкупить тонкий ноутбукантиколлектор программа на телефон скачать бесплатноno1options bonus

Mambo Italiano

This week for Christmas, we’ll be featuring a daily full length motion picture we like that you can watch from its post.

Luke Kirby, in a series of wonderful shirts, stars as the son of Italian immigrants to Canada.  He struggles to find the best way to reveal to his parents that he’s gay and dating a cop.  Here is the full feature film, a gay romantic forukцены на фанеруgoogle статистика запросовреклама adwordsOphCrackforex peyment

Movie Review: Interstellar

Note: Movie reviews may contain spoilers.  I first came to know of Christopher Nolan when I saw the film “Memento”, which remains on my all time favourite top 10 list of films since that time.  Nolan has consistently made great films and grown into the type of director capable of creating modern day

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Award Shows Schedule 2015

The Producers Guild Awards (PGAs) are on January 5, 2015

The People’s Choice Awards are on January 7, 2015

The Golden Globes are on January 11, 2015

The Screen Actors Guild Awards are on January 25, 2015

The Annie Awards for animation are on January 31, 2015

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Star Wars Episode VII

Apparently the Force was taking a nap for the past 30 years, as revealed in a graphic released today for the next instalment of the Star Wars saga. Principal cinematography has now been completed on the film. The film premieres in December 2015.real estate miami shoresвеернаяадвордс подбор словцены на паркетную доскууслуги адвоката в киевевзломать пользователяцерковь возрождение киров

Movie Review: Birdman (The Virtue of Ignorance)

Birdman is the story of a washed up superhero actor  (lead actor Michael Keaton in a tour de force performance) trying to revive his career by directing and starring in his own Broadway play.  The movie begins with the show’s previews and things are not going well.

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The Theory of Everything

Stephen Hawking is now on Facebook in advance of his must-see biopic “The Theory of Everything”.  Watch the trailer above and scoot over to Facebook if you want to friend him.савченко в запорожьепопулярные планшеты 2013bank de binary fakeпродвижение сайта интернет рекламаипотечные кредиты в украинебесплатнорозетка интернет магазин

Ezra Miller cast as The Flash

Whether on the silver screen or the small screen, Barry Allen has got a gay quality about him.  Ezra Miller (that’s him above) has now been cast in the titular role of  “The Flash” in the 2018 movie version of the same name, and any and all related Justice League and other DC comics themed movies that may take place over the next 20 years.

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Movie Review: Gone Girl

I came to this movie never having heard of the novel.  I came to learn that this story came with alternating narratives as told by a husband and by a wife coming from different points of view within a marriage.  The film carries on with that narrative style.   This review may contain spoilers.

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