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Stonewall – Trailer

A new film about the start of the gay rights movement that began in a bar called Stonewall.  Decide for yourself if the controversy surrounding the film is truly warranted or is truly important and informative.  Directed by Roland Emmerich.футболпродвижение автомобильного сайтагде можно бесплатно разместить рекламуцена рекламы на телевиденииконфискат авто в украинебесплатнопроверка сайта на вирусы

Sean Hayes and Hubby Goofing Around

This is cute, married couple Sean Hayes (Will and Grace) and Scott Icenogle, like to post videos of themselves lip synching travois songs.  They also made an old tyme video heralding the news of marriage equality that occurred on Sean’s birthday, which is available on Sean Hayes’ Facebook page.

Lip sync of Flo Rida’s “I Don’t Like It”

Lip sync of Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson’s “Troubleотличный ноутбукленово ноутбуки ценыбаннерная реклама googleпредложение продвижение сайтаадвокат развод киевкачатьсоздание

“Vacation” Features Thor’s Hammer – Trailer

The red band (restricted) trailer for the “Vacation” franchise’s latest outing features a grown up Rusty taking his family back to Wally World.  The film features an appearance by Chris Hemsworth in his underpants sporting a huge bulge.

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Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens Trailer

It’s looking great.  Enjoy this look at the biggest movie of the year here.  And here are some stills relating to the production of the film followed by live fan reactions to the trailer

IMG_4273 IMG_4272 IMG_4271 IMG_4270 IMG_4269 IMG_4268 IMG_4267


Here are some live reactions to fans across Earth watching this trailer for the first time:

Reaction video 1

Reaction video 2

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Star Wars Saga now on iTunes

“I am a Jedi.  Like my father before me.”

Generation after generation the Star Wars films have meant so much to so many and now The Star Wars trilogies head to iTunes and other digital HD download sites on April 10, 2015.  The films are available by themselves or in bundles.

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Most Popular Movies with Male Nudity

Looking for something interesting to watch?  Here’s a list of shows that you might find of interest. Which is your favourite? Tell us by clicking the post title and using the comments function.

List of Most Popular Movies and TV Shows with Male Nudity | IMDb

List of Most Popular Gay Themed Movies and TV Shows |IMDb

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