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Gay Celebrity Face App Gallery

Some notable LGBT celebrities like Jim Parsons and Lance Bass posted their own FaceApp results on social media so we thought it would be fun to add a much more LGBT notables from past and present in this new slideshow gallery.

6 New STAR WARS ROGUE ONE Reveals From the International Trailers

Four brand new international trailers for Rogue One just dropped and if you thought your excitement levels for this Star Wars spinoff had reached maximum capacity, think again! These trailers are packed with new scenes, new characters and new dialogue that make December 16 seem like it can’t get here soon enough.

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Ghostbusters 2 (The Reboot)

Ghostbusters hit theaters on Friday, and after making 46 million its opening weekend, the inevitable question has been raised: will be see a Ghostbusters sequel?  Yes! Of course, if you’ve seen the film (spoilers ahead, be warned), you’ll know that they set things up quite nicely for a sequel in the post-credits scene, with Leslie Jones hearing the name “Zuul” spoken

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The New Ghostbusters Film (Review) | Nerdist

Variety didn’t give the film a positive review but they have always been out of step on such things.  The folks at Nerdist say its not bad at all, and I think their opinion is well trusted.  Read the review:

Review: The New GHOSTBUSTERS Doesn’t Ruin Your Childhood (Review) | Nerdistmiami dade realtorchinese escort singaporeциклеватьблендеры отзывынайти ключевые словачитtraderush trading