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Gay Celebrity Face App Gallery

Some notable LGBT celebrities like Jim Parsons and Lance Bass posted their own FaceApp results on social media so we thought it would be fun to add a much more LGBT notables from past and present in this new slideshow gallery.

This Feeling Inside

Last year, we wrote a comic book about two guys who hook up one night and get stuck together while fisting.  It was a freak accident that caused them to have to go through life stuck together.  Kind of like  “The Defiant Ones” but with butt stuff … enjoy this funny romp now online for free in its entirety.   Please tweet us with your comments.

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Movie Review: Pride

This review may contain spoilers.   This film is a true story of striking miners during the Thatcher era of 1984  who find unlikely support by the LGBT community in their small town in Wales.  It’s a

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In Memoriam 2014

Who’s shot and who’s not for year ending 2014.  Updated

Maya Angelou, poet
Sir Richard Attenborough, actor, director
Gabriel Axel, director
Dick Ayers, comic book artist
Lauren Bacall, actor
Marion Barry, politician
Francine Beers, actor
Polly Bergen, actor
Shirley Temple Black, actress, ambassador

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Movie Review: Birdman (The Virtue of Ignorance)

Birdman is the story of a washed up superhero actor  (lead actor Michael Keaton in a tour de force performance) trying to revive his career by directing and starring in his own Broadway play.  The movie begins with the show’s previews and things are not going well.

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Movie Review: Gone Girl

I came to this movie never having heard of the novel.  I came to learn that this story came with alternating narratives as told by a husband and by a wife coming from different points of view within a marriage.  The film carries on with that narrative style.   This review may contain spoilers.

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Said In Bed

Here’s our ever-growing list of awkward pillow talk reported to have taken place between one guy talking to another in bed, that you can probably regard as a relationship “don’t”.


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