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Jiminy Glick and Larry David

For far too long there’s been a whole generation of young people out there who have no idea who Jiminy Glick is, a travesty that came to an end thanks to Maya Rudolph and Martin Short’s variety show, Maya and Marty, which premiered this past Tuesday on NBC.

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This Feeling Inside

Last year, we wrote a comic book about two guys who hook up one night and get stuck together while fisting.  It was a freak accident that caused them to have to go through life stuck together.  Kind of like  “The Defiant Ones” but with butt stuff … enjoy this funny romp now online for free in its entirety.   Please tweet us with your comments.

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Sean Hayes and Hubby Goofing Around

This is cute, married couple Sean Hayes (Will and Grace) and Scott Icenogle, like to post videos of themselves lip synching travois songs.  They also made an old tyme video heralding the news of marriage equality that occurred on Sean’s birthday, which is available on Sean Hayes’ Facebook page.

Lip sync of Flo Rida’s “I Don’t Like It”

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“Undateable” Music Video

New cast member Bridget Mendler performs in this catchy music video featuring the cast of  NBC’s very funny comedy “Undateable”, coming back next week for season 2.  Plus, you finally get to see Brent Morin shirtless which is awesome.юрийзаказать рекламу в интернетеsingaporean escortпаркет паркетная доска ламинатпродвижения сайта по трафикуvzlom-paroljaтест интернет