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Coming Out in 2016

Here’s a list of notable people who came out in 2016, or posted something confirming they were LGBT or what have you.

Rowan Blanchard, actress (Girl Meets World)
Charlie Carver, actor (Teen Wolf)
Elizabeth Gilbert, author (Eat Pray Love)
Derrick Gorden, basketball player
Colton Haynes, actor (Teen Wolf)
Rayon Owen, singer
Aubrey Plaza, actress (Parks and Recreation)
Sara Ramirez, actress
Shepard Smith, news anchor (FOX  News)
Mara Wilson, actress (Matilda)

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In Memoriam for 2016

By all accounts, 2016 has been regarded as a shitty year marked by the passing of many musical greats for the first half of the year then a big free for all by year’s end.  Here are the notable passings for our annual Year In Review

Richard Adams, author (Watership Down)
Joe Alaskey, animation voice actor (Looney Toons)
Edward Albee, writer
Max Alexander, comedian (Trainwreck)
Muhammad Ali, boxer
Rene Angelil, manager
Alexis Arquette, actress (Pulp Fiction)
Hector Babenco, director (Kiss of the Spiderwpman)
Kenny Baker, R2D2
Andy Bathgate, hockey player
David Bowie, singer and actor
Dave Broadfoot, comedian (Royal Canadian Air Farce)

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6 New STAR WARS ROGUE ONE Reveals From the International Trailers

Four brand new international trailers for Rogue One just dropped and if you thought your excitement levels for this Star Wars spinoff had reached maximum capacity, think again! These trailers are packed with new scenes, new characters and new dialogue that make December 16 seem like it can’t get here soon enough.

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Count How Many Times Pietro Boselli Removes His Shirt in One Minute

If you like to challenge yourself to things like how many times you jerk off in a day (16 here), then this could be of interest. challenged Italian math teacher-turned-model-turned-fitness-guru Pietro Boselli to see how many times he could put on and remove a t-shirt in one minute

Watch:Today’s Math Lesson: Count How Many Times Pietro Boselli Removes His Shirt – Towleroad

Tom Daley is Being Green

Olympic diver Tom Daley gets painted green to become Kermit of the Frog in this video which shows how it all got done.