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The WWDC took place on June 13 2016.  It’s the Apple Keynote address that announces software changes to expect in the coming months – usually to give developers time to update their apps to iOS10 by the time iPhone 7 comes out in September.  Here are the changes to the operating platforms  in point form that you can look forward to using on your Apple devices:

The keynote began with a moment of silence for the casualties and victims of the Orlando massacre.

350 scholarships given out.  The youngest attending developer is 9.

There are now 2 million apps on the iOS  App store downloaded 130 billion times.  50 billion have been paid to developers

Four platforms to be discussed: watchOS, tvOS, OS X and iOS

watchOS 3:

Apps will open quicker with a side button that launches a dock of apps

Replying to   texts can be done by using a “Scribble” function

Minnie Mouse and new watch faces added that you can swipe between for easy changes.

SOS is an international 911 feature launched by holding down your side button that sends an alert to your emergency contacts with your location, and brings your medical information to the watch face

Activity sharing – swipe on the activity face and see how your family and friends are doing to motivate yourself

Breathe helps you with deep breathing exercises

Apple pay can be included within apps on the watch

Free upgrade coming to Apple Watch users this fall



1300 video channels and 600 native apps on tvOS in the US

The new remote iOS app will function like the version 4 apple tv remote

Search movies by topics via Siri

Siri will now search YouTube as well

Live Tune In is a feature where Siri will take you to the live tv channel you ask for. Also available on the iPad.   Single sign on allows you log in once to all the live tv channels instead of logging in to each channel separately.

Dark mode – Apple TV with a dark background

Recording and sharing game play capability will be added for developers

Available for users this fall


OS X will now be called macOS


The first version of the mac operating series under macOS is called macOS Sierra

Login in was simplified when already verified on another device; and you can now copy and paste on your phone and the clipboard will be carried over  to your Mac and you paste what you copied on your phone into your Mac

iCloud drive now has 150gb free

Apple Pay experience brought to the Mac.  Apple Pay on the Web will have a “pay with Apple Pay” button that uses your Touch ID on your phone to authenticate.

Tabs on Safari – will be built into all other applications too such as Maps and third party apps.  Tabs everywhere, opening more than one screen within an app

Picture in Picture  video minimization button plays video while you do other things

Siri is on the Mac – located on the dock.  Does sophisticated searches for files based on dates and projects that can be refined further.   Siri Results can  be pinned into your Notification Centre to refer to later

Siri will also search the web, such as for images you want to put into a project

Siri on the Mac will also send text messages and look for movies playing etc.

Available to users in the fall



Redesigned lock screen using 3D touch.  Phone wakes up when you lift it to see your notifications before unlocking, and you can interact with them.

Notifications can be cleared with 3D Touch from the Notifications pull down screen with a touch of a button

Slide over to the right on your lock screen to get to your camera, sliding the other way brings up your widgets.

If you 3D touch email button it shows you who the unread emails are from.   Videos play within pop ups

Siri – is now being opened up to developer so you will be able to ask it a lot more, like telling it to open a third party chatting app to send a message to someone, or booking a ride.  Pause and stop your workouts, or do payments to people and VoIP calling.

Quick Type predicative text goes deeper.  If someone asks you where you were, Siri will show you a link to your location to text out.  Many other such enhancements like booking a dinner reservation with more detail based on the conversation you were having

Photos – Places lets you see your photos but where you took them.  Also sorts by Faces using face recognition and puts them into albums for you.   More powerful searching of photo done locally on the device.  It can figure out what photos might be vacations or trips to the beach etc. using a highlight feed called “Memories” and relate them to other feeds.

Memories – it will automatically create a slideshow of your videos and photos at the top of the Memories feed page, with music and slo mo etc.  Music can be changed by the user.  Available on Apple TV, iPad and macOS as well

Maps – all new design with easier to access controls and with more predictive functionality and navigation.   Automatically zooms in and out to fit the route.  Also on CarPlay.  Maps is being opened up to developers to include it in third party apps.   So you could book a reservation, book an uber and locate it, and pay for it on Apple Pay all within Maps, for example.

Apple Music -new design.  Greater clarify and simplicity.   More intuitive and familiar to play from your library as well.    Now you can press a button when you are listening to a song and it will show you the lyrics as you listen!  Available on all platforms

For You page shows a ‘discovery mix’ that Apple Music put together for you based on the day of the week.   Browse shows you what is the hot new music from a curated playlist.

News – In the US, 2000 publications in News and now has an all new design with a “For You” section.  Now introducing “Subscriptions” so you can read publications within News.  Breaking News notifications are also incorporated.

HomeKit – new categories added like cameras and door locks.  Home is a button on your iOS screen and see all your accessories in the home and control them from within that app, or use Siri.   You can say “Good morning” and all the morning functions will start like opening blinds and whatever else you have programmed.  GeoFences are used to sense when your car pulls in the driveway and opens the garage door etc.   On all portable devices.

Phone – will now have voicemail transcription so you can check your voicemail without having to listen to it.   Use 10Cent and the phone will show if your incoming call is possible spam.   VoIP compatibility.  Call forwarding from your work phone to your cell phone.

Messages – Rich links.  When you share a link it will show rich information within the text bubble-photo and video that is on that link.    Emojis- now three times bigger.  Predictive emojis are also provided.   Words that can be emojified will highlight and you just tap it to change your word into an emoji.

Text bubble effects to reflect if you are saying something loud (expanding text) or softly (shrinking text), and others like ‘slam’… or texting a surprise text or image you can swipe to reveal called ‘invisible ink’.   You can also now send handwritten messages even on a video or Digital Touch.     Back screen now has motion effects capability too that you can send.

iMessage apps now being open to developers now too to incorporate into their apps.  Like Square can use it to accept payments within an iMessage text bubble.  There will be an iMessage drawer you pull up from the bottom with all your iMessage apps and you pick one to do various things like stickers you want to paste to your bubble, etc.   You can do a group order for food from DoorDash through iMessages too.  You can put in JibJabs into your texts with different friends’ faces.

Available on iPhone and iPad and all devices can receive them.

Notes – group collaboration within a single note

Live Photos are editable and smoother

Split view in iPad Safari

Every major area of iOS is open to developers now with end to end encryption to protect your privacy, and processing much right on your device.

iOS10 is a free upgrade on all devices this fall. 


Swift Playgrounds is a new app for iPad to assist people using graphical, live lessons in the Swift programming language to learn how to code.  Meant to transform how kids learn to code or do sessions in advanced coding with special coding keyboard.  Available for free in the fall

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